One More Way to Study in Europe

All AEGEE people travel around Europe, communicate with peers, explore foreign cultures, but this is only for students from EU countries. For the people from Non-EU countries, there are hundreds of annoying and uncomfortable questions before they receive very-very short term visa 😦 I have also travelled like this and have seen opportunities, which EU students have, and I really hope our children will have them in 20 years in Ukraine, but unfortunately not me.  While I was thinking about the idea, how to be closer to Europe and try myself there, I met a girl, who I didn’t expect would play such an important role in my life. I talked to her for few hours, but she motivated me a lot. “Come on, it’s not as difficult as it seems. You also should try this. It’s interesting and self-developing. I already have done it and you also can”. And she told me about the procedures of searching and applying for PhD in Europe. Luckily my grades at the University and my English were satisfactory for applying. I should say to all – It’s not the easiest way, but never anything worthwhile is easy.

There are few but different types of application procedures: it can be applying through University web-site or by direct letter to a professor. The way how to find a contact is really easy and efficient, you just need to put in http://www.google.com your sphere of interest and year of graduation. In such a way you will find links of web-sites with advertisements of all positions and direct links to universities. I would recommend writing a letter directly to professors, because if they are interested in your skills and ideas, they will find financial resources to have a PhD – student like you.

The application procedure is pretty much similar to AEGEE-event. 🙂 You need to write motivation and cover letters, explaining carefully what useful skills you already have and why you are the best for this position. Letters are more serious, but it’s still all about you… J And do not forget to ask your teachers and professors for reference letters… They should be glad to know, that their students are good enough to study abroad.

After professor who is interested in you, answers your letter, you will discuss all financial and scientific issues; what you really know, what you can do for them, and how much money they are going to pay you etc…

After all questions are solved and position is chosen, you need to do visa again, but it’s different. It’s for a long stay with all advantages of EU-students. I didn’t say it is an easy way, but it’s interesting and challenging one… Go ahead!

Don’t be scared, be prepared 🙂

Iana Iatsun



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